NutriPsyence Services

NutriPsyence offers science-based nutrition for body and mind.

Zoom Consultations now on offer. We also work out of a central London clinic.

  • Sports Nutrition

    Sports Nutrition

    Traditionally sports nutrition has focused much on macronutrient intake, particularly carbohydrates. However getting the right level of protein and including the correct balance of omega fats are both crucial in the athlete diet. Vitamins and minerals are essential co-factors in…

  • Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    Weight management is a complicated issue and is not just a case of an excessive caloric intake and limited physical output. Food intolerances and allergies, a heavy toxic load, high stress levels and emotional issues are just some of the…

  • Digestive Health

    Digestive Health

    Proper gastrointestinal function (GI) is essential to the adequate absorption of nutrients and can impact all aspects of body function. Some say we are what we eat; it’s probably more accurate to say we are what we digest and absorb.…

  • Metabolic Balance

    Metabolic Balance

    Metabolic Balance ® is a nutritional programme for weight management and well-being. It is the accumulation of 25 years of academic research and development by doctors and nutritionists. Sue is a qualified Metabolic Balance ® Coach. You will receive an individualised nutrition…

  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    There are several types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes mellitus (also known as juvenile diabetes or insulin dependent) Type 2 diabetes mellitus (also known as adult-onset diabetes or non-insulin dependent) Gestational diabetes Diabetes Insipidus Type 2 Diabetes is the most…