Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight management is a complicated issue and is not just a case of an excessive caloric intake and limited physical output.

Food intolerances and allergies, a heavy toxic load, high stress levels and emotional issues are just some of the possible contributing causes to being overweight.

We take a very personalised approach with regards to weight loss and by spending time on uncovering the individual causes, the solutions become clearer. These may include functional testing to explore imbalances, a detoxification program, reviewed dietary and exercise plans and well as lifestyle changes and stress reduction techniques.

Much more than just another diet

Fad diets may present a quick fix solution but are often unachievable and unsustainable in the long term, and can result in regaining the same or more weight.

The program we present is about a lifestyle change. The food plan is based on scientific research proving benefits, and focuses on gaining health in the process of losing weight. We don’t count calories, we improve nutrient density. We work with practical, flexible recipe plans that adhere to healthy principles.

We combine the eating plan with structured goal-mapping providing a clear path to where you would like to go and the steps to take you there. We incorporate tools to help motivate behavior change to make sure those goals are achieved.

Your program

  • The lifestyle plan is a 6-week program that can be completed on an individual basis or as part of the group workshops that we run.

Next steps…

Please contact us to confirm what would best suit your needs, updated costs and dates of the next group workshop.