Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Traditionally sports nutrition has focused much on macronutrient intake, particularly carbohydrates. However getting the right level of protein and including the correct balance of omega fats are both crucial in the athlete diet. Vitamins and minerals are essential co-factors in many physiological processes including that of energy production.

The Functional Medicine Approach

Although any athlete’s diet is important, that’s not all we focus on. The Functional Medicine approach that Sue takes is also extended to the athletes that she works with.

The web-link interconnections of the physiological processes include looking at digestion and the effect that endurance sports may have on it. We also look at nutrient timing, hydration levels, refueling and recovery including the sleep cycle of the athlete. Detoxification protocols and stress reduction techniques may be necessary to improve performance. We focus on a personalised approach working with each athlete’s goals for their particular sport and what might be necessary to achieve them.

Functional nutritional testing can help to confirm underlying imbalances or sub-optimal function allowing the athlete’s program to be further targeted. A range of functional tests are available to explore processes of digestion, adrenal function, metabolism, detoxification, allergies or intolerances and nutrient deficiencies that may be impacting on reduced physical performance.

Your program

  • Every athlete has their own goals and their own training schedule. We tailor your program to your particular sport and event schedule.
  • We start by analysing your current diet with professional software that gives us an accurate idea of both your current macronutrient (carbs, proteins and fats) and micronutrient (vitamin and minerals) intake.
  • We then tailor your personal program according to your performance timetable and any functional test results. We work together with your coach providing a comprehensive nutritional strategy which may include food plans and a supplement protocol to optimise your physical performance.
  • The consultation process is the same starting with an initial 1 hour consultation and follow-up consultations to review progress at a maxiumum of monthly intervals. Many athletes continue their consultation program as their event schedule develops.

Next steps…

Please contact us to confirm what would best suit your needs, updated costs and dates of the next group workshop.