FREE 15 minute consultation

All initial enquiries will be offered a free 15-minute consultation. This will allow us to gain an understanding of your health goals.

Dietary Assessments | £40

Using professional software we offer an analysis of your dietary intake for 3 days. The report provides a detailed macronutrient breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and also levels of 12 minerals and 13 vitamins. It is a valuable guide showing possible deficiencies or excesses in your current diet; we’ll then advise you what you can do about it.

Initial Consultation | £90 (Richmond Clinic) / £110 (London Clinic)

An initial consultation lasts one hour and costs £90 (Richmond Clinic) and £110 (London Clinic).
A personalised protocol will be provided with a selection of handouts where relevant. Functional testing and supplementation will be recommended where appropriate.

Follow-up Consultations | £60

Follow-up consultations are 45 minutes and cost £60.00 (Richmond and London Clinics)
They are scheduled up to 4 weeks later to monitor progress and adjust the personalised protocol to suit evolving needs.
A minimum of two nutritional consultations are recommended, but most clients choose to continue until all of their health goals have been achieved.

Nutrition Protocols

Nutrition protocols are tailored to each person’s unique needs, taking into account lifestyle, ethics and food preferences. Where necessary, diet and lifestyle advice are combined with a program of supplements aimed at addressing any deficiencies.

Any agreed functional testing will be in addition to consultation fees and will usually be paid to the laboratory directly.