NutriPsyence offers science-based nutrition for body and mind.

Zoom Consultations now on offer. We also work out of a central London clinic.

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  • Spring Detox

    Spring Detox

    Spring has sprung and it’s time to shake off that winter hibernation feeling. I find myself cleaning out the house and wanting to clean out my body at the same time.…

  • Post-Race Recovery

    Post-Race Recovery

    It’s done – the race is over! Well done! We hope that you achieved your goal, whatever it may have been. And now there’s only one thing more important than training……

  • Pre-Race Nutrition

    Pre-Race Nutrition

    Many of my sports nutrition clients have committed to a marathon in the Spring and with that comes a schedule of races building up to the main event. This can…

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What our clients say

  • Sue has really helped me uncover the root course of the issues I have been having with my skin over the past few years. Her professional advice and action plan for me have been spot on and I am thrilled at the results. Not only has my skin cleared up and continues to be clear, but my general health has improved tremendously and I feel the best I have felt in ages. Following a healthier diet has been a lot easier then I initially thought, because I am not only feeling, but I am also seeing the great benefits.

    SH , Isleworth

  • Sue showed genuine interest in us achieving our goals in a fun and informative way. The weekly meetings provided focused information and the necessary support to keep us on track to achieving our goals. The experience was invaluable.

    SJ , Richmond, Surrey

  • As a nutritionist, Sue assessed my needs swiftly, drew up tailored guidelines and provided excellent feedback. Sue is a generous and supportive professional, and she meticulously monitored my well-being throughout my training in the lead up to my first marathon. Not only did she make valuable suggestions about how to improve my performance (which turned out to be better than I had dared hope), she also genuinely shared my delight in achieving my goal.

    MAH , London